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Metal doors constitute an integral part of Iranian architecture and are used as entrance gates in residential complexes, courtyards, parking lots, administrative buildings, commercial companies and many other Iranian spaces. drawing on our experience in the field of metal door production, we figured out that cutting-edge technologies and tools are seroiusly needed in the domestic production cycle. overreliance on the traditional production process almost made it impossible for us to gain access to reliable, safe, attractive and most importantly competitive metal doors. thus, fulfillment of the afore-mentioned needs was set as our first priority .

beautiful and diverse designs

buildings, either residential or administrative, necccessarily need an entrance door. the aesthetic features of entrance door can affect the quality of your activities. what kind of door would you use to walk in or out your building? What kind of scene do your guests encounter before entering your building? how could entrance doors aesthetically affect your streets and city?

full pack

delivered to you in form of a single-unit and easy-to-install package, the metal door will not be a hassle anymore. Payoun metal door includes: a frame made of 8 * 8 cm profile leaf made of a 4 * 10 cm profile and a 3 mm sheet -various handle types -Electric lock, mechanical lock, bolt lock Electro-Static Furnace finish - A laminated Reflex glass -double-shroud package


using cutting-edge technologies, factorial production methodology and expense proration techniques, the Payoun team has managed to offer cost effective products and services versatility is another unique feature of Payoun metal doors, making them quite cost-effective for the employer
in traditional workshop production procedures the costs incured by time waste, shipping, installation and implementation of fittings, glass and painting are imposed on custonmers

unique designs

Payoun is proud to provide its customers with unique services regarding doors, window fences and metal decorative designs

cutting-edge technologies

drawing on cutting-edge technologies and experienced staff including designers, architects and technical engineers,Payoun has managed to incorporate delicacy into metalwork

free consultation

the Payoun Metal Industries ensure sustainable support and services from consultation up to the delivery stage.

durability of products

the strength and durability of designs on metal doors, fences and other products, their feasibility as well as many technical gudelines that need to be folowed during their installation and implementation are checked by the team experts. The designs will only meet the production line after they have passed QC

shippable to all regions country

products can be easily shipped to all parts of the country directly or through Payoun representatives in your city.

unique like Payoun

Payoun metal doors, a cut diamond
Metal doors alone can guarantee the aesthetic outward design and appearance or safety of the structure. The products offered by Azar Felez-e Payoun incorporate unique aesthetic features and quality at the same time. Our production lines are monitored by strict and internationally recognized quality control systems. advancement of this policy has been the motto we have been sticking to from the beginning of our work.just contact us if you find it hard to believ that metals can be cut into a delicate diamond.

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